The importation, entry and exportation of merchandise into and out of the United States is a complicated and intricate process.  If you are not familiar with the applicable federal, state and local government requirements, the process can be frustrating and intimidating, even to the most seasoned individuals.

Chapter 98 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States was implemented in order to assist the US manufacturer or importer on the entry or temporary importation of certain articles.  Contrary to popular belief, a claim for the free entry of articles utilizing classifications from Chapter 98 is a privilege.  Therefore, the burden of proof is on the importer to substantiate their claim for this type of entry.  Record keeping, specific procedures, and a compliance program are strongly recommended.  The success of these safeguards is dependent upon the importers commitment to implement and maintain all of these in the event of a Customs audit.  As a professional expert on Chapter 98 entries with duty free claims, I advise and guide importers so they can achieve these safeguards.

My scope of professional expertise includes the following Chapter 98 classifications:


  • American Goods Returned (AGR) – 9801.00.1010 – 9801.00.1095
  • Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB) – 9813.00.05 – 9813.00.75
  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)


My areas of expertise and services also include, but are not limited to, the following processes and procedures:


  • Remaining 9801 provisions – 9801.00.20 – 9801.00.90
  • Substantial containers – 9803.00.50
  • Scientific Instruments – 9810.00.60
  • Samples for Soliciting Orders – 9811.00.20 – 9811.00.0060
  • Permanent Exhibition under Bond (PEB) – 9812.00.20 – 9812.00.40


In addition, I provide services for the following processes and procedures:


Antidumping and or Countervailing Duties

Binding Rulings

Bonded Warehouses

Broker Compliance


Change to Importer of Record

Court of International Trade (CIT)


Country of Origin

Customs Bonds

Customs Compliance

Customs Law

Customs Regulations

Destruction and Manipulation

Entry Summary

Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures (FP&F)

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

Formal Entry


General Headnote Clearances

Importer Security Filing (ISF)


Informal Entry

Informed Compliance

Liquidated Damages


Payments – Duties, Taxes and Fees


Post Entry

Amendment (PEA)

Protests and Stipulations



Regulatory Audit and Focused Assessments

Sale for Export

Section Clearance

Trade Agreements, Trade Fairs and or Trade Shows


Whether you are an individual or a team, I will work with you through every step of the process.  My initial consultation includes a review of the client(s) needs and identifying their goal(s).  Once identified, I will ensure all involved have a clear understanding of the requisite steps needed to be taken in order to achieve said goals in the most efficient manner.  I encourage initial participation, expression of ideas and commitment from the individual, or team members, involved with regards to the specific mission statement I’m being retained for, thus promoting an expeditious solution.  Good communication is essential to the successful outcome of your stated goal.

As an Import Export Consultant, I proudly offer training and seminars related to all of these processes and procedures. I customize each program to meet the needs of my clients.

Regardless of the type of service, I will always aspire to deliver a final product that is thorough, accurate and of the highest quality!

For inquiries on training, seminars, processes and procedures not listed and retainer services, please contact me for assistance.